I'm a hobby photographer who enjoys shooting compositions from the daily Tokyo life.

Coming from a family of Brazilian painters, I first grew up in Rio watching my uncle making amazing hyperrealism portraits of people and animals, and my cousin's surreal drawings of characters from dreams and poems.

Then moving around Brasilia, Geneva, Bogota, Brussels, Bonn and Berlin, living roughly 2-to-3 years on each place thanks to my father's work, I had the luck to see local pop cultures from various backgrounds, and how art is an international language that everyone can speak.

My passion for photography began when moving to Tokyo in 2006, where I immediately fell in love with the city's attention to beauty in every detail, but also with the abstract works of '60s-’70s Japanese Abstract Street Photography.

I later graduated in Arts in 2014 at Temple University Japan, specializing in Digital and Film Art Photography, and MBA in 2017 at Globis University.​

Now I enjoy photography on spare-time, working with artists from different creative talents, building-up portfolios and organizing group exhibits around town.

Do not hesitate to contact if you would like to collab together!


Ricardo. Shoto Shibuya, Tokyo

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