Ricardo is a hobby film and digital art, portrait and fashion photographer, and event organizer based in Tokyo.

Coming from a family of Brazilian of painters, he grew up in Rio playing with his cousins on who drew the most colorful landscapes, and admiring his uncle creating enormous hyper-realistic portraits and sceneries. 

Moving later to Bogotá, Geneva, Brussels, Bonn and Berlin, he enjoyed discovering pop-cultures of different countries, and how Art was an international language that everyone spoke.

His passion for photography began when moving to Japan in 2006. Ricardo fell in love with the country's attention to beauty in every detail, and the works of late '60's "Provoke" photographers who promoted the idea that one can capture what cannot be expressed in words.

He graduated in Arts at Temple University Japan in 2014, specializing in Photography and Film Making, and MBA at Globis University in 2017.​

He enjoys photography on spare-time, working with artists from different creative talents, and organizing group exhibits.



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Ricardo. Shoto Shibuya, Tokyo

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