Ricardo is a Brazilian-Italian photographer based in Tokyo. Coming from a family of avid travelers and painters, his childhood began abroad in Switzerland and Colombia before moving to Brazil. Whenever he visited his relatives in Rio, he enjoyed drawing messy colorful sketches of people and sceneries with his cousins, and watching his uncle painting incredible hyperrealism portraits, giving an early deep interest for making visual stories.

He later moved to Belgium then Germany in his teens. Though learning new languages was often challenging, life abroad taught that Visual Art was an international dialect everyone knew.

His passion for photography began when moving to Japan at 19. Ricardo fell in love with the country's attention to beauty in every detail, and with the free-minded works of 60's 'Provoke' photographers, who believed that "one can capture what cannot be expressed in words".
From then, he started experimenting with digital, film and pinhole cameras.

Ricardo graduated in Arts at Temple University Japan in 2014, specializing in Photography and Film Making, and MBA at Globis University in 2017.​

He currently enjoys photography on spare-time, collaborating with artists from various creative talents.



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