Ricardo Piras is a Brazilian-Italian hobby photographer based in Tokyo.

Born in Geneva from a family of avid travelers and painters, Ricardo lived his early childhood in Colombia and Brazil. Since little, whenever he visited his relatives in Rio de Janeiro, Ricardo enjoyed drawing messy colorful sketches of people and sport-cars with his cousin, while admiring the latest hyperrealism painting his uncles was making.

From early to late teens, Ricardo moved with his parents to Brussels, Bonn, and Berlin. Though learning a new language was sometimes challenging, life abroad taught him that Art was an international dialect everyone spoke.
Though eventually getting into different trending pop-cultures of his age then and of each place (Belgian comics, French dubbed 90's Japanese anime, German punk rock...), Ricardo kept drawing sketches throughout his adolescence, using his friends and girlfriends as subjects.

His passion for photography began when moving to Japan at 19. Ricardo fell in love with the country's attention to beauty in every detail, but also with the free-minded works of late '60's "Provoke" photographers, who shared the idea that "one can capture what cannot be expressed in words".
From then, Ricardo started experimenting with digital, film and pinhole cameras, trying to capture stories through lenses like he used to do with his old sketchbooks.

Ricardo graduated in Arts at Temple University Japan in 2014, specializing in Photography and Film Making, and MBA at Globis University in 2017.​

He currently enjoys on spare-time working on his personal photography series, movie making, theater and film acting, organizing group exhibits, and collaborating with artists from different creative talents.



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