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Ricardo Piras, born in Switzerland in '87 into a Brazilian-Italian family of artists and avid travelers, grew up traversing the globe, from Switzerland to Colombia and Brazil. His early exposure to the visual arts, particularly through drawing and witnessing his uncle's hyperrealism paintings, sparked a deep fascination with visual storytelling.

His teenage years saw him moving across Belgium and Germany, where he learned the power of visual arts as a universal language. At 19, Ricardo's move to Japan kindled his passion for photography, inspired by the detail-oriented beauty of Japanese culture and the expressive work of the 'Provoke' photographers from the 1960s who expressed the idea: 'One can capture what cannot be expressed in words'.

Ricardo graduated with a degree in Arts from Temple University Japan in 2014, specializing in Photography and Filmmaking, and earned an MBA from Globis University in 2017. He continues to explore photography in his spare time, and occasionally enjoys curating exhibitions that showcase a variety of creative talents.



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